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Introduction: City Audio Services (CAS) has, in one form or another, been a specialist audio production facility for several decades. Our experience and capabilities are very wide ranging and include:

....Broadcasting: Production, presentation, writing and reporting for BBC Radio, BBC World Service and others. This includes extensive experience of using music, sounds effects (both specially recorded as well as stock), soundscapes, etc to enhance productions.

....Specialisms: Environmental reporting, training materials, technology.

....Voice Work: Voicing of materials for a variety of commercial clients. We have BBC trained male and female voices available in-house. We also have considerable experience of hiring and directing voice artists so if you do not like what we have to offer, that's not a problem. Hence we can provide soundtracks for promotional materials such as Power Point presentations, in-house training materials, radio, web etc.

....Facilities: CAS has its own digital recording and mixing capability with ISDN for connectivity to remote studios. However CAS does not have a conventional studio so we are not equipped to record music sessions! If that's what you want, we are unable to help.

Technical capability: CAS is unusual. Aside from our recording skills we are also capable of doing things other recording facilities are not equipped to undertake: notably our abilities include electronics design and build as well as software (some in-house, more ambitious projects can be outsourced). This has led us to undertake many projects over the years including specialist audio hardware design as well as studio design/build and, which has been of major interest to us (it has been both challenging and fun), we have been able to support the local arts community in its endeavours by providing the technical support required. (You can read more on our Arts Projects page.) In most cases this has been of a very specialist nature, such as:

.....Writing specialist audio recording software as well as building the hardware rig to record a soundscape for Millenium night. This was recorded as one continuous 12 hour 16 bit stereo file, certainly unique and quite probably the first ever such recording, and was commissioned by local artist Stephen Turner to provide a complement to the 'Tide Paintings' he created during that night. CAS then wrote the software and provided computer and audio hardware for the subsequent exhibition held at the church in Chatham Dockyard.

.....Recording and editing soundtracks for a local artist who created an exhibition of art works around the iconic Red Telephone Box: a sight now largely disappeared from our streets. We then created and installed the interactive playback systems so that the sound files reacted to visitors' movements as they explored the exhibition in Maidstone Art Gallery.

.....Setting up a long range GPRS link back to the mainland from one of the Maunsell Sea Forts in the English Channel where artist Stephen Turner marooned himself for several weeks for his 'Sea Fort' project. CAS also provided the expertise to install the power systems to enable Steve to work whilst marooned and to send his data back to his live web site.

.....More recently we have been designing and building a display device for an arts consortium. I'd tell you more but it is bogged down in red tape. But if you live in the Ramsgate area you never know, it may yet come to a railway station near you!

How CAS can help: CAS is a small and very personal organisation with very wide ranging capabilities and links. Some things we can do ourselves, for others we can access a vast array of professional talent, not just voice artists but also technical (audio, AV, software) as well as design (CAD) and custom manufacturing. We also have links with exceptionally talented designers and musicians. So where our own in-house capabilities may be limited we can draw together a team of specialists with proven pedigrees. Moreover, if what you need is a little unusual, not only are we more likely to be able to support your requirements than most, it may well be the kind of thing that gets us interested. And you will see from our Arts Projects page that we have a proven history of being able to deliver!