City Audio Services: Services

Facilities: CAS records using its own facilities which are specially designed for voice work, including ISDN capability for linking to remote studios. (We do not have client facilities or a big studio for bands.) This is what we specialise in and it has the distinct advantage that recording is quick and efficient and consequently less expensive than hiring 'proper' studio facilities: clients do not land up paying for expensive facilities or unnecessary staff. The way we usually work is also novel: rather than you waste your time trekking to a studio, we record your audio, post it to a secure ftp site from where the client can access it, listen to it and make whatever comments are required. Overall we find this a very efficient way to work.

Voice Work: CAS can turn around simple voice files in male or female voices very quickly. Obviously larger projects may take longer: we regularly voice training materials with a final duration lasting around ten hours!

Mixing: CAS has, naturally, multi channel mixing capability. More to the point we have extensive experience of using music and sound effects to a very high standard (largely for the BBC including for BBC Radio 4 drama).

Scripting: CAS has considerable experience of writing for voice for both Radio and Television (largely for the BBC). We can help develop your scripts to a high standard. In house expertise covers technology (electronics, computing, manufacturing etc) and the arts. Hence you can be confident there is a fair chance we will understand your brief!

Multimedia: CAS is deliberately small, but our links are extensive. We can bring in freelance designers, artists, musicians, other presenters and others in order to offer a complete product development capability. Having produced many programmes for BBC Radio and BBC World Service, including multimedia packages and software, we have the experience and skill set to deliver. If you think we can help, just ask.

Versatility: CAS has had an interesting few years making use of its unusual range of technical capabilities. This has ranged from designing and delivering audio voice sets for computerised audio announcements (using natural voice rather than TTS) to supporting local artists in their endeavours with some very unusual technical solutions for unique requirements. You can read about these in more detail on the Arts Projects page. The point is we not only use technology, we also understand it and can design around it. That can be important where you need a complete solution from a single source. If you don't know where to turn, drop us a line. We may just be able to help.